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Homebody Gift Guide & All Things Cozy


2020: The year where many things were less than ideal and a lot of people started using their homes in ways they never thought they'd need to. So many people have transitioned from working in an office to working at home... waking up, making coffee and walking to the dining room table to get on a zoom call.

Even if you're not working for home, many of us are spending more time at home than we ever have - so it's only appropriate to give a "homebody" gift to someone you love this season... and honestly, anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these gifts!


1| Record Player (with bluetooth!): $85 - When they're sick of binge watching the newest Netflix original, they can listen to their favorite vinyl or connect their phone and throw on their favorite Spotify playlist (use code "designedlife20" for 20% off your Victrola purchase!)

2| Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle: $28 - To fill their house with the most heavenlyyyy scent during their third Zoom meeting of the day

3| Unique Picture Frame: $22 - Something to hold a picture of the family members they haven't seen in awhile

4| Diffuser: $120 - To calm those nerves and make it easier to sleep at night... after doing nothing all day.

5| Turkish Robe: $108 - For those that don't do video conference calls... they will love lounging in this robe their entire work day.

6| Laptop/Breakfast Tray: $65 - When they need a change of scenery and want to work from their bed for the day... or maybe it's the weekend and they're ready to have brunch in bed and watch their favorite TV show on repeat.

7| Sleeping Mask: $22 - Eventhough they may not be going outside frequently, their lips will thank you repeatedly for this mask! It's one of my favorites!

8| Personalized Mug: $30 - No one said having coffee at home had to be boring - put their pet's face on a mug, they'll love it!

9| Popcorn Maker: $16 - For the movie lover... this is microwaved popcorn on a whole other level!

10| Loungewear Set: $30 - Again... because who needs office clothing anymore? No one. These Jumpsuits are my favorite clothing item - they're easy to throw on and don't look too "pajama-ish"

11| Slippers: $90 - When you don't leave the house on a regular basis... slippers become the only shoes you wear. Better get a good quality pair!

12| House Plant: $45 - $130 - Plants are the best way to purify the air in your home & they make great gifts! These ones come potted and ready to gift!

13| Doormat: $15 - Something nice for the delivery man to see... since we all know everyone's getting Amazon packages on the daily.

14| Woven Blanket: $20 - Everyone needs a good blanket! These chenille ones are a steal (and soooo soft!)

15| Popcorn Bowl: $20 - Because who doesn't want a designated popcorn bowl.

16| Electric Kettle: $170 - I feel like everyone's upping their coffee game since being home so much... (can't make those daily Starbucks trips) These electric kettles are amazing + they look good on your countertop!


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