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Gift Guide for Parents & In-Laws


Every year, around this time, I always ask myself (and my siblings), "what should I get mom?" or "what are you buying dad?" - because lets face it... parents are the most difficult to buy for! You really have to think outside the box for their gifts sometimes... especially because you don't just want to buy them a gift for the sake of giving a gift. You want it to be special or memorable... or something they will actually use!

I've racked my brain and come up with a handful of items that I think any parents, in-law or even grandparent would love - I hope you can get at least one good idea from this list!


1| Custom Home Illustration: $90.00 - The most thoughtful gift for your in-laws who just downsized and sold their "family" home.

2| Le Cruset: $250.00 - The only pot they'll ever need to keep cooking up everyone's favorite dish!

3| Neck & Shoulder Massager: $60.00 - Because who doesn't have aches and pains these days? Give them the gift of a massage on their sofa.

4| Personalized Photo Keychain: $33.00 - Something they can carry with them wherever they go & it'll remind them of you everyday. A small but thoughtful gift!

5| Robot Vacuum: $180.00 - Because they are always watching your dog(s) when you go out of town... and you owe them for it.

6| Market Tote: $68.00 - For the many trips you take together to the Farmer's Market in the Summertime - you may even want to get one for yourself!

7| Personalized Blanket: $160.00 - A special note/message that they can wrap themselves in while watching a late night movie.

8| Address Stamp: $22.00 - Because they just downsized and now have a new address - they'll love it!

9| Photo Calendar: $23.00 - My mom loves displaying family photos in her home, they are everywhere! This is the perfect gift for those who love showing off their children or grandchildren

10| Vintage (look) Record Player: $130.00 - So they can enjoy their vinyl records but also listen to their favorite Spotify list... because they're "cool parents". (use code "designedlife20" for 20% off!)

11| Slippers: $40.00 - My dad loves wearing slippers... we usually get him a new pair every Christmas and he never complains! Oh, and here are slippers for your mom too!

12| Tea Kettle: $65.00 - The most beautiful tea kettle, that will look lovely on their stovetop.

13| Pullover: $80.00 - You cannot go wrong with a pullover--ever. No matter what climate you live in; this one is a mens, but here's one for your mom too!

14| Smart Plugs: $16.00 - So they can turn off their lights with their phone... or better yet, by telling Alexa to do it for them.

15| Family Photo Session: Your mom has been trying to get the family together for professional photos for yearsssss. Coordinate it and gift her a family session this holiday! PS: Here are my two favorite photographers if you're in the Chicagoland area - Annie Steele and Irvington Made

16| Gardening Kneeler: $40.00 - To help with their new hobby... or maybe to convince them to help you with all your landscaping come Spring time!


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