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1st Time Homeowner Gift Guide... But Really, Great Gifts for Anyone


This should really be called "Gift Guide for New Homeowners, Newly Married, Been Married for 5 Years, The Cook, etc." - It's truly just a round up of staple items that I think everyone needs in their home. Earlier this year, Nathan and I shared a post about what we would register for today, now being married for five years, and honestly, all of these items are from that list!

If you're stumped on what to buy someone this year... chances are, something on this list will be perfect for them & they'll truly appreciate it!


1| Ninja Electric Chopper: $20 - I don't even "cook"... but when I do, this little gadget makes it wayyyy easier for me. Even Nathan highly recommends it!

2| Low Bowl Set: $8 - We purchased these earlier this year and use them for almost every meal... it may be the only dish you'll ever need.

3| Carving Board: $50 - We got sick of all the juices dripping right off the cutting board onto the countertop... so we bought a carving board and we use it every.single.time we cook.

4| Stemless Wine Glasses / Rocks Glasses: $15 - We drink wine almost every night (okay, who am I kidding, it's every night) - and we alway use these stemless glasses - instead of using our fancy stemmed ones.

5| Nesting Bowls with Lids: $30 - I find myself always needing more bowls with lids... these are on my wish list.

6| Glass Nesting Bowls: $40 - We own these and also use them every.single.time we cook - a kitchen staple for sure!

7| Cast Iron Skillet: $60 - This is the staple of all staples... every kitchen needs one of these! You can use it for some many things - searing meat, baked pasta dishes, giant cookies.... you name it! It's very versatile!

8| Absorbent Dish Towels: $20 - I am veryyyy particular with my dish towels - they have to actually absorb water, otherwise I find them useless! These are ones are great and I especially love how thick they are!

9| Quality Knife: $60 - We own three knives... and that's all you really need. Start building your collection with a quality one!

10| Medium/Small Crockpot: $60 - We have a big crockpot (6 qt) and I just recently bought a smaller one; which is perfect for making dips in! I know we will use the smaller one way more often.

11| Glass Tupperware Set: $40 - A few years ago we ditched all the plastic tupperware and bought all glass - we've never looked back and I love how they never stain!

12| Hand Mixer: $50 - Not everyone has room for a big stand mixer in their kitchen... but guess what? a hand mixer does the same job!

13| X-Large Baking Dish: $40 - Nathan likes to make a lot of baked pasta dishes, so this extra large (and deep!) baking dish is perfect for those.

14| Luggage Set: $140 - I can guarantee someone you know needs a new suitcase (hah!) Its just one of those things that no one wants to buy for themselves and they use it until it's falling apart... get them a new one.

15| Serving Bowls: $20 - If you know someone who is constantly entertaining or hosting... serving bowls are a great gift! You can never have too many & it's nice to have options!

16| Robot Vacuum: $300 - This is a great gift for anyone with pets or kids - they will hug you, big time.


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