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Gift Guide For "Him" - Husband, Dad, FIL, Brother...


Shopping for your spouse, or any "man" in your life, can be somewhat of a challenge... unless they tell you exactly what they want (hah!). Instead of rounding up a list of random gift ideas for you... I decided to share some of Nathan's favorite things - plus, some items that are on his Christmas list this year! Any of these gifts are sure to be a winner for your husband, dad, brother, etc.


1| Nike Dry Fit Pullover: $60 - Nathan owns approximately 100 of these - kidding... but seriously. He owns one in every color. They are dry fit and extremely breathable and comfortable!

2| Eye Cream: $24 - Because men care about their skin and aging too... Nathan likes to use eye cream - so I may get him this one... stocking stuffer?

3| Glass Bottle Cutter: $20 - Something they definitely don't already own and they can make some pretty cool glasses with this! ....Nathan wants this!

4| Wine + Whiskey Aerator: $18 - If you're new around here, Nathan is BIG into whiskey... we have entire fireplace wall full of it. He bought this earlier in the year and uses it all the time - you can also use it for wine, so win win!

5| Yeti Cooler: $250 - My dad owns TWO of these... he loves them.

6| Beats (Noise Cancelling) Headphones: $300 - Nathan and I both own these and use them every single time we travel. The price is 100% worth it.

7| Crystal Whiskey Glasses: $60 - Again... whiskey. Nathan loves a nice, heavy whiskey glass - these are beautiful too.

8| Back Roller: $33 - Because everyone has aches and pains... Nathan uses this daily to stretch his back.

9| Lounge Shorts: $17 - You'll almost always find Nathan wearing lounge shorts... he bought two pairs of these earlier this year & they're nice because they look a little "nicer" than regular lounge shorts and he can wear them out of the house if needed - oh, and they're comfy!

10| Winter Boots: $40 - Nathan bought these for our Colorado trip and he's been wearing them consistently since. They're comfortable and fashionable.

11| Handheld Circular Saw: $53 - This was on the Nathan's Christmas List... if you know someone who is handy and likes to renovate or build - I can guarantee they don't have this tool in their arsenal.

12| Cologne: $42 - Nathan is into colognes... he has A LOT of them. This one was on his list this year...

13| Muscle Gun: $85 - Nathan plays softball in the Spring and Summer months and this purchase really helped with any muscle pains or ailments.

14| Duffle Bag: $90 - If you know someone who travels a lot for work (like Nathan), a good duffel bag is a perfect gift.

15| Yeti Tumbler: $58 - Nathan just loves how these keep his drink cold for hours!

16| Travel Toiletry Bag: $50 - Again... for those that travel a lot, this is a necessity! Plus, this one is personalized and a really nice leather.


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