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Gift Guide For The Creative, Entrepreneur In Your Life!


I think it goes without saying, but I am definitely the "creative one" in my family - I work full time in a design position, I have always enjoyed art, drawing, creating things & starting new ventures. I also am the one who has, hands down, the most jobs in my lifetime (hah!) I am alwaysss working and almost always push myself to figure out new ways to make money.

If you know someone like this in your life, these gifts are perfect for them! These are also great gift ideas for anyone who runs their own business, a young child who is showing interest in art or design... or maybe just some great stocking stuffer ideas for your siblings! Personally... I'll take one of each please (wink, wink)


1| Sketchbook: $15 - perfect stocking stuffer, because honestly... who doesn't need somewhere to write down all their ideas??

2| Timer Cube: $17 - So they can keep track of how long they're working on a client project & make sure they're billing their time correctly!

3| SD Card Reader (for your phone!): $12 - I bought this earlier this year and it's a game changer for traveling with your DSLR. Especially for friends who want the photos off your camera - like right that second! haha

4| iPhone Tripod: $21 - So they can create the best reels and time lapses!

5| Laptop Tray: $67 - They like to work in bed every once in awhile... save their lap and get them this cute stand!

6| iPad (with Apple Pen!): $380 / $40 - This was on my Christmas list! I want to try out the ProCreate app so badly! ...I feel like the possibilities are endless with the Apple pen!

7| Golden Coil Planner: $70 / $80 - I bought one this year... its been a game changer. Personalized planners... for YOUR life. Genius.

8| Sharpie Pens: $18 - These are the pens I use!! I typically stick with black, but the colors are fun too!

9| Podcast Microphone: $70 - If they have a serious YouTube channel... they'll thank you!

10| Blue Light Blocking Glasses: $60 - Because you know they are on their computer allllll day.... and then go straight to their phone allllll night. These will save their eyes and reduce headaches!

11| Yeti Mug: $37 - To keep their drink hot (or cold!) all day while they work at their computer. Less breaks to reheat the coffee - haha.

12| Portable Charger: $40 - Portable chargers are a necessity when you're working off your phone all day!

13| Laptop Backpack: $27 - So they can easily pack up and go! It'll fit all their gear nicely... all while looking cute too!

14| Video Stabilizer: $90 - This is just cool for creating those perfect "panning" videos...

15| Noise Canceling Headphones: $180 - So they can get their work done... uninterrupted!

16| External Hard Drive: $60 - Because sometimes computers crash and it's always a good idea to have a back up.... if design school taught me one thing - it's to always have your work backed up!


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