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My Favorite Gift To Give: Ornaments


Growing up, every year, there would be three small boxes under our Christmas tree... and every year, my siblings and I would know what was inside the boxes before ever opening them -- spoiler alert, they were ornaments.

My mom has gifted each of us an ornament, at Christmas, for as long as I can remember... and growing up, I would always think it was a silly gift but as soon as I moved out, I appreciated those ornaments so much. It meant I had something sentimental to hang on my very own tree and I enjoyed hanging them & instantly getting memories of past Christmases.

My mom picked out a Hallmark ornament collection for each of us and would buy the yearly ornament from each collection... she still continues the tradition and even includes one for all our significant others as well (haha). The Hallmark ornaments are great and I love that they have collections, but over the years, I've learned that I like to gift unique or personalized ornaments!

Boone's 1st Christmas with us!

In the past year or so, I've taken it upon myself to purchase ornaments for each of the dogs in our family! It's mainly for us (and my siblings)... but I like the idea of having an ornament for each year our dogs are with us. Since I like to do personalized ornaments, I always order them in the beginning of the Holiday season, to make sure the shop has time to make them and ship them out. I already ordered these ones as this year's gift!

My one and only go-to place for custom, unique or personalized ornaments is Etsy! They have sooo many options, for so many different occasions or life events. I've rounded up over 40 different ornaments for you & hope you can gift one to someone this year... and maybe start your own tradition!


Pet Ornaments

New Home / Moved Ornaments

Baby On The Way / Baby's 1st Christmas Ornaments

Engagement & Marriage Ornaments

In Loving Memory Ornaments (Relative or Pet)

Family Ornaments

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