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5 Years Married; What We Would Register For Today


Last month, around this time, we were celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary... and it got me thinking of how much we've changed and grown. I starting reminiscing on planning our wedding and how we registered for such silly things... we didn't get everything we registered for (obviously), but I get a good laugh when I think back to some of things we "thought we needed".

So, naturally, I thought about what items would be on our registry if we were to make one today... what do we use most in our kitchen? What have be purchased since owning a home? What products do we use daily? Here are 20 products that I would register for today, some we have and some are on our wish list! I highly recommend adding these to your registry if you're getting married.... or to your home if you've also been married for 5 years (or more!).

And I hope it goes without saying... these are in addition to the "expected" items that go on a registry - such as dish sets, silverware, drinking glasses, etc... you get the point.


20 Products We Would Register For Today

  1. Ninja Chopper - This little gadget will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen. It makes mincing garlic breeze and chopping onions? Say goodbye to those teary eyes! This will chop everything you need in minutes!

  2. Low Bowls - We bought these earlier this year and they're honestly the only dish anyone needs. Perfect for pastas and salads, when you don't want a plate but the bowls are too small... this will answer your prayers.

  3. Carving Board - Like a cutting board, but better! Have you ever cut into cooked meat on a cutting board and the juices flow right off it and all over your countertop? Well, this has something I like to call a moat & it catches alllll the juices for you - keeping your countertops nice and clean.

  4. Stemless Wine Glasses & Rocks Glasses - We have every type of fancy glassware you could imagine. Champagne flutes? Got em. Martini glasses? Go em. But do you know what everyone drinks when they come over? Wine. (or whiskey) - so do yourself a favor and buy 10 stemless wine glasses and a handful of rocks glasses.

  5. Lidded Nesting Bowls - This was also a recent purchase! I didn't have any bowls with lids - at least not any large bowls with lids. These are great for salads, watermelon, etc.

  6. Glass Nesting Bowls - We use these all the time when we cook (or bake!) We got them as a wedding gift and still grab them 5 years later.

  7. Cast Iron Skillet - Nathan loves using his skillet in the winter time to cook steaks, instead of grilling them and this is also great for making baked pastas or scalloped potatoes.... yummm!

  8. Quality Kitchen Towels - If you know, you know. I am a stickler for kitchen towels that actually work & absorb water. These ones are great and they have a wonderful fluffy texture! Just make sure to soak any cotton towels in the washer prior to using them - it helps maintain their absorbency!

  9. Quality Knife - We have three *quality* knives and that's all we need - honestly. Get yourself a good knife and skip the entire knife block set.

  10. Small Crockpot - We have a 6 quart crockpot and I've found it's too big. I wish we had a smaller one like this one! It's small enough to bring to someone's house and doesn't take up too much room on the countertop if you're using it during a party.

  11. Glass Tupperware Set - A year or so after we got married, we threw away all our plastic Tupperware and bought two sets of glass Tupperware. They're game changers... they don't stain and their just better for you... especially if you microwave Tupperware!

  12. Hand Mixer - I registered for a stand mixer and didn't get it (hah!) - I did get a hand mixer though and guess what? It's never let me down and does the job perfectly!

  13. Extra Large Baking Dish - The first year we hosted Christmas, we realized that we needed an XL basking dish for lasagna or baked shells. Get yourself an extra deep one - you won't be disappointed.

  14. Luggage - We received luggage as a wedding gift and still use it today! I think this is something everyone should register for... everyone needs a good, reliable luggage set

  15. Multiple (large) serving dishes - We never have enough serving dishes -- never! We like to have people over & Nathan will cook a big pasta dish... and we never have enough serving bowls or dishes to put everything out buffet style.

  16. RoboVac - We've had our RoboVac for a few months now and I don't know how I ever lived without one. If you have a pet, or small kids, or just no time to clean... you need this in your life.

  17. Steamer or Iron - Personally, I'm a "steamer" person... but if you're an iron person, that's cool. Just make sure you have one in your house.

  18. Tool Set or Drill - Nathan obviously has A LOT of tools... but he didn't always and I think every couple should have a drill and a saw. This set has 4 tools and is such a great deal!

  19. Pizza Stone - We bought a pizza stone a few years ago & I love it, because I LOVE my pizza crust extra crispy!

  20. Neutral Sheet Set - Register for multiple sheet sets -- at least two! I like having at least two because when you wash one set, you can immediately put the other set on the bed. Trust me, it makes a difference when you don't have to wait until the laundry is done. Make sure to get neutral colors, that way you can easily change your comforter or duvet but don't need to change your sheets.


And here is what I think you should SKIP when registering for your wedding. Someone needs to see this list... I just know it.

Rice Cooker:

I know it's hard, but you can cook rice on the stove. You really can.


I think we have two blenders and we never use either one.

Stand Mixer:

I have a hand mixer and it gets the job done, every time - no complaints, no problem.


Unless you're super organized and you're going to label canisters and take everything out of the original packaging... you don't need canisters. Most of mine are sitting, empty, on a shelf.

Toaster Oven:

Just use your toaster... or your oven.

Plastic Cooking Utensils:

Gross. Use wooden or stainless steel utensils, please!

*Cheesy* Dish Towels:

You know, the ones with silly sayings on them. Just walk away.

Fancy Glassware:

You'll never use those 8 champagne flutes. Trust me... I know from experience.

China Dishware:

1000% unnecessary.

Waffle Maker:

Unless you are a huge breakfast person & wake up every Saturday/Sunday and make breakfast for the family... and if that's you, please send me your address, I'll be there next weekend. (haha)

Place Mats:

Nope. Just nope.

Cloth Napkins:

Seriously, who uses these?

Furniture (big or small):

Let me be the bearer of bad news... no one in your family is going to buy you furniture. No one is going to spend $600 and buy you that bar cabinet - not going to happen.

The "Bathroom Set":

You don't need a soap dish that matches your tooth brush holder... or a tissue box cover.

Any Home Décor:

You absolutely do not need that "they lived happily ever after sign"... ask for some nice wall frames instead & print your own photos as artwork; whether those are wedding photos or travel photos.

Oxo Pop Top Containers:

This is controversial, I know. I personally had these and we threw half them away. They don't fit in regular cabinets... so unless you have a customized walk-in pantry, these are not for you.

***this is all based on my opinion & everyone's life/situations are different - take everything

as a suggestion please***

Talk soon, friends!



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