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Small Talk: Valentines Day, CBD, Weekend Sales + More...


Happy Valentines Day, friends! I didn’t even want to open with that, because I’m still in denial that February is halfway over, where did the time go?

Anyways… do you celebrate Valentines Day, is it a big thing in your house? Nathan and I have never really been into any of the “hallmark” holidays… now, don’t get me wrong, we’re always down to dress up and go to our favorite restaurant, but we never go all out with gifts for the silly holidays. I would say that we prefer spending money on “time together” versus on “things for one another”. I know this is different for everyone and probably depends on how long you have been with your S.O. (Nathan and I have been together for almost 10 years!) – but, no matter how you celebrate, I hope today is special for you!

Over the weekend I shared some personal information and it seemed to hit home for a lot of you. Again, if you didn’t tune in this weekend, TMI – but I get the worst period cramps. This weekend it came with a vengeance and forced me to get up in the middle of a nail appointment, made me physically sick and had to leave. That’s how horrible they can be. I pleaded for advice and a lot of you came through! The best advice I received was to use CBD oil… which had never occurred to me! While I didn’t run out and buy CBD oil, I did these patches from The Good Patch; which contain CBD. I started researching the oils and they were all quite pricey, so I figured I would try this route first and see how it worked for me. If it doesn’t help, I’ll continue with my oil research and pull the trigger on that if necessary. I also liked that The Good Patch offered patches for other ailments… such as anxiety, insomnia, hangovers etc! My patches were delivered yesterday, and I ordered a few others besides the “period” one… I’m excited to give them a try! #notsponsored

This weekend, Nathan is actually flying to Virginia to buy a new car…. Yup. He’s flying somewhere to buy a car and then driving it back. Not getting into it, because it was a discussion… trust me. This just means that he won’t be home a majority of the weekend… and I’m *sort of* excited because that means I can hunker down in our office and pump out a bunch of new posts! Plus, my mom is planning on coming over on Saturday to help me re-pot some of my plants… I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks, but I could never find the time. I'm really looking forward to some time with my mom and some time alone to check some things off my to-do list. Anyone else relate? Sometimes you just need that weekend to yourself…

P.S. - In case you missed it, the Bathroom Reveal went live this week! Check it out here!


There are some great sales happening right now, so I thought I would round up my favorites from for you – Happy shopping!

  • World Market: 50% Off Rugs

  • Target: SO. MANY. SALES.

  • Crate & Barrel: 15% Off Storage Furniture + 15% Off New Spring Arrivals

  • Wayfair: Up To 70% Off Items - President's Day Sale

  • Old Navy: 30% Off Your Order - No Coupon Needed, 40% Off Jeans & Tees + Outwear Starting @ $25.00

Talk soon friends,




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