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Our Hall Bathroom Reveal

Updated: Aug 31, 2020


It's finally bathroom reveal day! I am so excited to share with you the changes we made to this space and I may be biased... but I just love the way it turned out & I couldn't be more happy to see that off-white tile gone.



If you're new around here... let me recap on why we decided to renovate this bathroom in the first place - because I'm sure you're looking at that before picture and thinking, "that looks like a perfectly good bathroom to me." And you're right, it was. Although, not only was it not our taste, it also had some moisture issues on the wall above our toilet. We weren't sure what was going on behind the wall, so Nathan wanted to open it up... and we thought, "well, if we're opening up drywall, we might as well make a few changes." Right? .... right!

Note: All the sources for this bathroom will be shared and linked at the bottom of this post





The main thing we desperately needed to change in this bathroom was the sink and countertop situation. The countertop and sink were all one piece and it was a plastic, resin material, that stained terribly. Nathan was set on a wood countertop and since I didn't want to deal with another under-mount sink, we decided that it would be easiest to use a vessel sink. I do have to admit, I had my doubts about using a vessel sink, but it's nicer than I thought! It makes washing my face a breeze and water doesn't splash everywhere as I suspected it would. The only downfall is that the sink isn't pitched towards the drain, so the water does pool. It's certainly not a deal breaker in our book, but something to mention.

The sink is also on the pricier side... but do you want to know what sold me? This sink is made of stone. Yup, you read that correctly... stone! It's advertised where you can "sand/buff" out any stains it may take on. Nathan has already tested it out and it totally works! I'm mind blown and it makes it even more perfect for us since we are on well water... and if you've ever lived with well water, you know it can stain your white sinks and create a yellow residue.

It's safe to say that the entire design of the bathroom stemmed from the wooden top that Nathan had his heart set on. Since I knew there was going to be a strong element of wood in this space, I had to be careful that we didn't "over do it" in the wood tone department... ya feel me? I also knew that the floor would be dark, since we had every intention to reuse the left over tile from our fireplace project.

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I had my heart set on a vertical shiplap wall... which I knew would have to be painted since it would be up against the (gorgeous) wood countertop. I am shocked - shocked - that Nathan was on board with my color choice for the shiplap... he usually hates green colors, so I definitely did a happy dance when he said he liked the color (which is Quarry Rock, by Benjamin Moore).

All the other elements fell into place once we had the wood tone, paint and floor tile figured out. Although, my favorite part of the entire space? The shower tile pattern.

I have had my heart set on this tile pattern for years.... YEARS! It all started with a pin on Pinterest and the rest is history. Okay, just kidding... but I did pin the same pin over and over and that's when I knew, I HAD to use this tile pattern in our house some where. The best part - you are all fans of it! It's called a basketweave or parquet tile pattern and I think it's the best thing ever. I never close our shower curtain, just so I can always see it... no lies!

I did have to compromise somewhat with the tile... I really wanted a textured, almost handmade-look tile, but Nathan wasn't on board. So, I told him we could do a plain white, flat tile, as long as we could use the tile pattern I wanted. It all worked out and the light gray grout we chose really accents the pattern without being too overwhelming. I think a lot of people expected me to pick a black or charcoal grout color, but I felt it would be too much contrast with the already busy pattern.

Let's talk about shiplap. We've used it in nearly every project we've done in our house... okay, actually every single one. We always use the same exact shiplap every time - it's tongue and grove and so, so easy to install. I love it because unlike "typical" shiplap, it doesn't leave you with a gap, but a bevel that creates the illusion of a gap. I really don't like the idea of having gaps on my wall... I think it's just another place for dust and gross things to collect. Ew.

As for the paint color of the shiplap, even though Nathan was on board... once the paint went up, I was the one who was a little nervous. I really was. Now, I'm not someone who agonizes over picking a paint color... I never have been. I usually know exactly what color I want to use and we just roll with that... this time around, I had two colors in mind and we just picked between them and that's what we went with.

My motto is, "too many choices is a recipe for disaster." Even though I was nervous when I saw the shiplap painted... it all worked out once the other finishes were in place. That's something else I always say, and I'm constantly reminding clients of this... don't say you "don't like it" until it's completely finished... because odds are, you'll change your mind once you see everything together as whole - aka the big picture.

The artwork is probably the best part of the whole space... besides the fact that it showcases Nathan and I (on a boat, loving life) and Boone... the story of how they ended up here is the best. Originally, we wanted to use this really cool, organic, tree ring art print; that's currently hanging in our hallway. After talking it out, we thought it would be too big and mimic the size of the mirror... in a bad way. So, on a whim, Nathan walked into our family room, took these off the wall, brought them into the bathroom, held them up and I immediately said, "Yes. Totally. Hang 'em up!"

I love how traditional and thick the frames are, it really contrasts with the modern style of the bathroom - plus, Nathan is so happy that he made a "decor decision" and will probably hold it over me for weeks to come.

Here's one more before and after for good measure... because, as always... I can't believe how much beige and brushed nickel was used in our "flipped house" - gahhhh. I'm more than happy to see bright white walls and matte black plumbing fixtures!




- Here are all the sources for the bathroom -

Talk soon, friends!


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Lisa Reddoch
Lisa Reddoch
Aug 20, 2023

Where did you get the counter top?

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