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Small Talk: Our Family Room Plans, The “Found” DIY & More!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020


Last week I picked up a decorative ladder from Home Goods, to put in our Family Room, and shared how I felt this purchase would snowball into some bigger changes for that space... well, I can't tell you how long I've had a version of this mood-board saved on my computer and I just never shared it, or thought about making it a reality, because our Family Room is "fine".

I wasn't taking my own advice... the advice I give all of YOU on a weekly basis - to change something if you don't like it. Or if something gets old or worn... replace it, change it and make it so you LOVE it.

So, that's the plan for our Family Room. I haven't been happy with this space for awhile and I'm ready to take charge. It will be a slow (I repeat slow) process... but we'll get there.

Here is the vision I have for the space right now... it'll probably change 20 times before the space is done, especially the sofa since we have NO IDEA which sofa we will be purchasing... but that's okay! Mood-boards are a great way to get something on paper and start bringing that image you have in your head, to life!

rug // sofa // end tables // lamps // chairs // ottomans // tv stand // white frame // wood frame // silver frame Paint Color: Stonington Gray (Benjamin Moore)

Other fun things this week:

  • I shared my latest Stitch Fix box via Instagram stories and (per usual) it was well received - fashion is always a hit! I also shared more about how Stitch Fix works and a little behind the scenes of the app & saved it all in a highlight on my account. I've really enjoyed the service and think its helped put some staple pieces (and quality pieces) into my closet within the past year!

  • Have you heard of the "found pot" DIY? I attempted it this week and honestly, I’m still not sold on the finished product... I bought a cheap vase at Home Goods and transformed it with paint and baking soda - the texture it created was unreal - so good! After that, I rubbed some dirt on it... yes, dirt and it created an aged look, and thays where it went downhill (haha!) I think I still need to touch it up and maybe tweak the finish before sharing it — stay tuned!

  • I'm still thinking about the living plant wall that I have planned for our home office... if you're an avid follower, you know I've had the planters for over a year & just haven't got around to hanging them (or buying plants for them)! But I think I made a break through this week! I've been looking for an online plant company that sells just the plants, in grow pots... not fancy terracotta or ceramic pots... and I finally found one! The plants are very inexpensive and they offer a lot of different varieties! Check them out here

  • If it's not clear by now, we are a fan of Jax and Bone's dog beds & they are having an End of Summer sale! (20% everything!) -- Now is the time to snag that bed you've been wanting!

P.S. - In case you missed it, I also gave an update on the World Market situation (via stories on Instagram) but if you want more of the back story, you can read about it in this post!

Talk soon, friends!



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