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Backyard Patio: Update!


This year we finally tackled our back yard space… we took the plunge, had a new patio poured (which nearly tripled in size)… updated our fire pit area, bought outdoor furniture and installed an outdoor TV! (D.I.Y TV enclosure and all)!

Our backyard was one of those spaces we desperately wanted to be able to use better… more efficiently and to create a space that we could be proud of and relax while we enjoyed evenings out there. Well, we’ve finally achieved that! (with a few bumps along the way) …some bumps were still dealing with, but more on that later.

We are far from calling this space done… but it’s come so far, I felt it should be shared! I was actually hesitant to type up a blog post about our patio because of all the issues we've run into with it... but I didn't think, just because we hit a few snags, that should keep me from sharing how it's evolved over the last couple months and how we've been using it.

- Here is my end goal for the backyard -

if you're interested in sources for any of these products, head to this post for all the backyard plans!


PS: Here is a little before and after of the patio... when I say it tripled in size,

I'm not exaggerating! The size of the new patio is 17' x 27' with a California finish

- So, what have we purchased, so far? -

THE FURNITURE ---- the good & the bad

I had my eye on this outdoor furniture for sooo long. There was an entire “out of stock” episode that many of you were witness to & then finally, after weeks of waiting on shipping, we received our outdoor furniture! The first week was great… and then rain hit.

Long story short: The wood, outdoor, furniture we purchased ended up staining our brand-new patio. The rain caused the stain on the wood to bleed and drip all over the newly poured concrete. Shortly after that happened, the furniture also started to fall apart and split... mind you, we hadn't even had this furniture for 3 weeks yet. So, as I shared on Instagram stories… I CANNOT recommend this furniture (from World Market)… at least not the dining table and sofas. The sofa cushions are also not water resistant AT ALL. I even sprayed them with Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield... and they took days to dry out after a rain storm. Due to this, the sofas and dining table will not be linked anywhere in this post.

However, the dining chairs were also purchased from World Market and we, honestly, have ZERO regrets about purchasing those. The metal hairpin chairs are surprisingly comfortable, and the wicker end chairs are holding up great and are VERY comfortable!



Just a couple weekends ago, we hosted a party for my 30th birthday party and the day before the party, we decided we HAD to purchase an umbrella. Our backyard faces directly West and the afternoon sun can be brutal. This one is pricey, but we knew we would use it for years to come and really wanted something of quality (especially after our furniture let down). It provides great shade for us in the hot afternoons & has LED solar lights underneath for when it gets dark – so fun!


Speaking of... LED SOLAR LIGHTS

I installed these solar post lights on our fence and I just love how they light up the perimeter of our yard at night. I know so many of you have also purchased them, so I do want to say, I plan on storing them during the Winter months though… so they will *hopefully* hold up throughout the years.

I also purchased these pathway solar lights, they were one of the first things I bought for the patio... even before we had it re-poured! They look so gorgeous in the evenings – there is nothing I love more than layering light in a space… and outdoor spaces are no exception.


custom Etsy sign - Etsy Shop: Maker Table


This is hands down, Nathan's favorite part of the patio... except he's now patiently waiting for sports to start up again - dang Covid!

We built this TV box all from Nathan's vision... he said it turned our better than he imagined and I'm still impressed with how well it came together. It was absolutely perfect for my birthday party - we played music from the TV all evening and it was so nice not to have to worry about blue-tooth, speakers, etc.

We bought this custom sign on Etsy - it felt like the perfect finishing touch to the space! (PS - the street we live on is Rockwell... a little play on words).



I still want to add more greenery and landscaping… I plan on adding some along the sidewalk and even around the fire pit – but all in due time! For now, I’m loving the vibe these ferns bring to our outdoor space… plus they love the hot weather, so it’s a win win!

My main goal is to plant as many mosquito deterring plants as possible... lavender, marigolds, citronella grass, etc. Some will be planted in the ground and others will be planted in pots and I will replant each year.



We had the fire pit area installed last year… but this year, Nathan updated it a bit by staining/sealing the wooden benches. They look 100x better and now we don’t have to worry about maintaining them year after year. We also purchased the Adirondack chairs last Fall and finally got to use them this summer… they are working out great & are very comfortable!


Something I haven't shared yet, is that the concrete that was used for our patio is supposedly a "bad batch". This means that the concrete was not mixed properly before being poured and due to this, we have small chips all over the surface of our patio. This should not happen to a brand new patio... so, to say this backyard project has been "trying", is an understatement... and while I do not want to complain about having an amazing outdoor space - it is disheartening when you spend hard earned money on home improvements or furniture, only to have issues arise.


  • It has been a month and World Market's claim department has yet to get back to us with a resolution.

  • We sent them the invoice for replacing the patio & are asking at a minimum, we be refunded for the furniture (it's already falling apart) and requesting payment for damages. Whether that be the entire invoice amount or not.

  • I have been in contact with 3 different people and have been told it's up to the claims department as of now. So, now all we can really do is wait.

  • I do have a phone number, with a direct extension, that I plan on calling this week if I do not hear anything. Unfortunately, the direct extension only gets me in contact with a Senior Supervisor and not a corporate employee... but none the less, at least its a live person.

  • As I've mentioned before, we tried power washing the stains off the concrete and they did not fully come off. Unfortunately, we think because the concrete was so new, the stains really seeped in and that's why they are not letting up.

  • I do not want to have to re-pour our patio... but I also do not want wood stain dots and streaks all over it either... once we hear a final decision from World Market, Nathan and I will decide how we want to move forward.

Even with all that being said, even though we have run into some issues with furniture, concrete mixes and stains, we are still enjoying our new outdoor space. We know we are beyond blessed to have a space like this, and small hiccups shouldn’t take away the enjoyment of something we’ve worked hard to get.

We still have plans to purchase end tables, a coffee table, more planters and possibly an outdoor rug of some kind? That will definitely be the next phase and will most likely depend on what happens with our furniture situation - I'll make sure to keep you all update on that!

We broke the patio in by throwing me a 30th birthday party… and I remember at one point, all our friends were sitting around the fire pit... It made me feel so happy and my heart felt full. There is nothing that makes me happier than being able to host all our friends outdoors – the weather was perfect; the company was great & we are looking forward to many more parties on our patio… even if the furniture eventually changes (haha).

I try to stay off my phone as much as possible when we have people over... so I've been using my

Instax Mini Camera and taking polaroids to remember the night! I love being able to have a printed photo instantly.. plus its fun to be able to give your friends as a little keepsake!

Talk soon friends!




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