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Small Talk: Organizing & a New Lens That I Can’t Wait To Try


I feel like February came out of nowhere! Last week flew by and all of a sudden, we're a week into the month... am I right?

Since the "construction" side of the bathroom is complete, I've been in a deep hole of organization. I shared how I'm now utilizing more of the storage in our hall bathroom and this weekend I plan on giving a full run down of what I used, what worked and what didn't. Weirdly enough... I think I've found that I really enjoy organizing and it brings me a sense of calm - anyone else like that?

I will also say, there is nothing like hosting a party to kick your butt in gear and finish a renovation... I feel like Nathan and I always do this. Needless to say, we quickly finished the bathroom so that it would be complete for our Super Bowl party this past Sunday. Nathan worked his butt off and got it done just in time! ...who am I kidding though? Nathan is always super quick with our renovation projects and most of you point that out to me every time!

I did share a sneak peek of the bathroom this week, but I‘ve also been getting a lot of “when are you going to share the bathroom reveal?!” I know, I know... it’s been over a week since we finished but keep in mind, we finished it right before the party & since that was a Sunday, I haven’t had much time to photograph the space! I am commuting to sharing early next week - PROMISE!

Speaking of photographing the bathroom, I recently bought a new wide angle lens and I can’t wait to try it out in this space! I actually sold one my 50mm lens because I was never using it & used the profits to put towards my new one. I bought my new lens (a Canon 10-22mm) second hand and I have to say... I don’t know why anyone would pay full price for camera lenses when there are so many great options to buy them used. The lens I received looks like it’s never been used and I got it for more than 1/2 off the retail price! That’s a win in my book. I used the new (to me) app Mercari and it could not have gone any smoother!


What else? :

  • You guys seemed to really enjoy following along with the organization of our bathroom... so I’ll make sure to share more of that in the future. But if I have one take away/something I think everyone needs, it would be this lazy susan storage. Game changer for me & all my hair products!

  • While I was sharing all things organization in our bathroom... some of you noticed the vitamins we use and asked about them. We use Olly vitamins and LOVE them. Honestly can’t recommend them enough & some of you already tried them and now share our love for them! (the sleep ones are awesome too!)

  • It’s been snowing and windy here... with zero sun for about 2 weeks & this lip mask has saved my lips. It really works... like a little jar of magic.

  • I didn’t set any resolutions this year but something I wanted to be better at was planning meals for us each week. I bought this meal planner & it’s actually been so helpful and really kept us on track! I love that it has a tear off for a grocery list!

  • I saved this photo on Instagram earlier this week (from @nest.out.west)... and it’s probably because I dream of having a four poster bed in our room. So gorgeous!

  • This mug... I may have actually laughed out loud when I saw it. Too good & I think I need to add it to my collection for those days that I just need to expressive myself in a sarcastic way. Who am I kidding, that's everyday.

Talk soon friends,




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