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Pet "Stuff" That (actually) Looks Good In Your Home


If you have a pet, it's probably no secret that you love them. Maybe you're borderline obsessed with them, have 400+ photos of them on your phone and you don't love them, you LOVE them. But you know what, I bet you don't love all the "stuff" that comes with your furry friend... Am I right?

Boone (our English bulldog) pretty much owns our home now, he's taken over, claimed all areas and we basically just "share" it with him... and while I still don't have a solution for his never ending shedding, I have figured out ways to make his puppy supplies blend in with our home. So, whether you have a dog or cat, here's a round up of my favorite pet supplies - some we own and some I wish we owned!

And what does your pet do on a daily basis? They eat, play and sleep... unless they're Boone, then they mostly just sleep. Here are my favorites in each category -








I'll end this post with my favorite brands that give back to animals in need, because there is always an animal that needs love & I fully support any company that makes an effort to help and donate.

Here are some other brands that give back to dogs & animals...

  1. Lush Cosmetics: Buy from their "Charity Pot" Line & it will support the Beagle Freedom Project (a rescue operation that saves dogs from lab testing)

  2. Amazon: Use the AmazonSmile Program & hand select what rescue or charity to give back to with your Amazon purchase.

  3. Vans: Repeatedly collaborates with the ASPCA

  4. Clif Bar: Known for their dog-friendly office policy & they encourage employees to volunteer at shelters and rescues on company time!

  5. Ben & Jerry's: Also known for their dog-friendly office policy! They use their “Free Cone” days as adoption events!

  6. Tito's Vodka: Yet another company that encourages dogs in the work environment! Based in Austin, TX they work directly with a local vet healthcare initiative.

  7. Bissell: Have their own foundation; The Bissell Pet Foundation. For every Bissell purchase, a donation is made to the foundation.

Talk soon, friends!




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