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Our Home + Art to Frames

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At the time, we had been in our house just over a year, and every morning I would walk past the blank wall in our kitchen's dining area and think, "that wall just needs something." I thought about what to put on that wall for A LONG TIME - probably a few months, before pulling the trigger on the acrylic frame gallery wall.

Before settling on the frames, I was pulling inspiration from living walls, basket walls and even played with the idea of one large art print. After seeing this inspiration picture from Chris Loves Julia, I ultimately decided on the floating acrylic frames - the look of their frames sold me! It was the perfect amount of interest and it filled the wall without being overwhelming.

The frames that Chris & Julia used in their home were just a little out of my price range... so I searched high and low to find a more budget friendly solution... and this is when I stumbled upon Art to Frames.

Not only were their acrylic floating frames less expensive, but they offered a variety of sizes! This was perfect for us because while I knew that I wanted floating, acrylic frames... I still had no idea what size or configuration I wanted. Their variety of offerings allowed me to play with different options without being limited to a specific frame size.

We've had our acrylic frames for about a year now and I still love them - once we put them up, it instantly changed the look of our dining space... in a good way!

Since our acrylic frame wall turned out so well, I decided we should order from Art to Frames when it came time to tackle our home office space - this time, we used their custom framing option. As soon as I heard that I could send them our digital images and they would print them AND frame them, I was sold.

I don't know about you, but if I purchase a digital art print, I usually end up printing it out from my computer... (not the best quality) because I'm too lazy to send it somewhere and pick it up (or I just don't find the time). So, having Art to Frames do everything for me was perfect. The process was so simple and the artwork I chose for the space looks great in their Satin Black Frame - it really pops against our white walls!

If you have a blank wall and you feel like it "just needs something" - you should probably check out Art to Frames... I'm pretty confidant they will help you find a solution for that blank wall that you just need to change up!

And bonus! here's a little something extra for you - use discount code "DESIGNED15" for 15% off your Art to Frames order (good through June 30th)

If you're interested in the art work I used in our office renovation, click below! They are from BT Design Co. and Juniper Print Shop.

Talk soon,




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