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One Room Challenge - Reveal

Home Office Makeover - Spring 2019


Oh, hi friends - long time no talk! If you feel like you're going crazy and think you missed my "Week 5" Post for The One Room Challenge... let me ease your worries. You're not going crazy, I did not post a "Week 5 Update"....... whoops. Life happens and you know what? I just ran out of time.

As I write this post, I'm sitting in our office, at my new computer - Nathan is sitting next to me at his computer, Boone is laying down behind us and there is a Spring breeze coming through the windows... I am so happy. I have longed for a workspace in our home for quite awhile and I truly believe that having some type of office space in a home is essential.

When I look back at the before photos of this room, I think to myself, "why did you live with this awful room for so long?" The answer? I DON'T KNOW. The fact that Nathan and I can both use this room now, instead of it being his "man cave/gaming room" makes me smile from ear to ear. Now I have a space to work that doesn't require me to sit, with my laptop, on our uncomfortable sofa. We basically renovated the office to save my back... just kidding - but not really.

Here's the reno plan and everything we accomplished for this project! This was basically a to-do list for Nathan and he crushed it - per usual.

The Plan:

  1. DONE Nathan is going to build a wall to wall floating desk

  2. DONE Install paneling around the entire room

  3. DONE Paint the paneling a bold color - paint compliments of Clare Paint @clarepaint

  4. KAY DROPPED THE BALL Install new window treatments - compliments of Alva Window Treatments @helloalvacom

  5. DONE Install new lighting - compliments of Troy Lighting @troylighting

  6. DONE Replace the carpet

  7. DONE Shiplap the inside of the closets - all walls and ceiling (stain the shiplap)

  8. DONE Organize the inside of the closet

  9. DONE Install shelving inside of the closet

  10. DONE Purchase accessories & furniture

  11. DONE Install electrical strip & outlets on top of desk

  12. DONE Install wall sconce & art work

  13. DONE Touch up paint on paneling

  14. DONE Decorate the space & photograph

Remember how I said life happens and I forget to do things? Or just don't find the time? Well.... that also applies to decorating this room. So, I'm going to tell you that it's a minimalist vibe... that's what I was going for... Ya, exactly what I was going for.

But all joking aside, we did make a ton of progress on the office and I'm really the one who dropped the ball, in a few areas. I didn't order the window treatments on time, which delayed the shipping and now they are being delivered this evening. I also didn't order some of the decor accessories that I wanted in time, so those will also be coming at a later date. Am I upset about it? Maybe a little... but in reality, it's just one more excuse to share this new space of ours multiple times in the coming weeks. Be prepared!

But, without further adieu... Here are the before and afters that everyone wants to see! And I must say, they are pretty satisfying!

Four elements that truly transformed the space

#1 - The Floating Desk

I am someone who struggles on where to put a desk in a space. Do you put it up against the wall? Do you float it in the middle of the room? Should you use a corner desk? So many options. I knew that we both needed a seat at whatever desk we created and for awhile, I actually thought about doing two desks that faced each other. I'm glad Nathan convinced me to go with this long floating desk because it hides wires so well and looks seamless in the space - like it was meant to be there all along.

#2 - A New Light Fixture

Lighting makes or breaks a space. My sales manager at work likes to say that "lighting is the jewelry to a home" and I couldn't agree with her more. The right light fixture can make a statement and provide a focal point to a space - which is exactly what ours does in the office. It's large and bold and I love it.

(Our light fixture was sponsored by Troy Lighting)

#3 - Open Closet Organization

I LOVE OUR NEW CLOSET. Bins make me happy, baskets make me happy and Nathan even installed a motion sensor light that turns on when I reach for something in the closet. It's so functional and now stores so many of our belongings. Who knew a closet with no doors could be more functional than a closet with doors? Maybe I'll rip the doors off all our closets... just kidding.

#4 - New Paint

Paint is my favorite way to transform a space... the power of paint is strong, it can immediately make a room feel brand new. The bright white (while it was a pain in the butt to paint) provides a fresh palette for the space and the dark blue paneling is just the right amount of bold for our home. You all know how I love a good bold paint color!

I've said this before and I'll say it again... Make sure you check out the One Room Challenge Blog and scroll through all the amazing transformations that took place over the past six weeks! Some of the projects are mind blowing! SO GOOD!

Stay tuned next week because I will be sharing a post dedicated to sourcing everything that we used for the Office Renovation!

Talk soon!




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