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New Hearth & Hand Collection: My Top 20 Picks


A new Hearth & Hand Collection is dropping at Target today (woohoo!!!) and if you're anything like me, you find it helpful when someone else sifts through new collections and tells you what they think is worth buying - and as always, I want to be the best resource for you, so naturally - I'm sharing my top picks!

This collection has quite a few pieces for the kitchen, lots of faux Fall foliage and a handful of new furniture pieces (they're so good--and classic!). Here's what I have my eye on...

1. Table Runner - I'm always looking for good, staple table runners that I can implement all year long. This one is perfect for Summer or Fall!

2. Coffee Scoop - I hope you all know by now... I love coffee. I make cold brew a few times a week and I use a tablespoon to measure it out... this may or may not be in my cart right now.

3. Knit Blanket - I am ALWAYS looking for cozy blankets. Especially for the Fall - nothing is better in our Chicago Fall season, then a comfy knit blanket!

4. Olive Oil & Balsamic Set - This is DEFINITELY in my cart! Nathan and I were just talking about how we need a pour set for these... especially since we've been cooking more and almost every recipe calls for a "drizzle" of olive oil. 100% buying these - plus they're so classic looking.

5. Natural Wood Frame Artwork - there are two of these in the collection & they are both botanical prints. I think these would be perfect (as a pair) in a bathroom or above a bed!

6. Doormat - Everyone needs a new doormat. You're lying if you think you don't.

7. Shower Curtain - This color block shower curtain is calling my name... wish we were in the middle of a bathroom reno so I could use this (haha)

8. Bar Stools - OH EM GEE. I realllllyyy want to buy these for our island. Do you think Nathan would be mad??

9. Round Jute Rug - this comes in black and a neutral border color. I kind of wish we have a round dining are so I could use this. It's super cute! ...maybe our next house!

10. Knit Pillows - come in charcoal, olive and a dark burnt orange color. Everything you want for Fall and more!

11. Side Chairs - ALRIGH. These chairs are perfection. I almost want to buy them for our Family Room refresh... did I just allude to us refreshing our Family Room? Maybe....

12. Wooden Spoons - These are in my cart! I love the glazed look of them & the color combo! So cute & classic.

13. Striped Pillow - everyone needs a classic pillow in their life. You guys know I don't like buying pillows where the cover isn't removable.. but I may make an exception for this one.

14. Oven Mitts - I am always looking for cute oven mitts. Seriously. This is something that could be reallll cute but is usually disgusting. You know you need to replace yours... just buy these.

15. Fall Wreath - I want to buy this for our front door. Its perfect for Fall AND Winter! .....And I love a wreath that I can use for multiple seasons, you know?

16. Bench - This bench is THE CUTEST! It comes in 3 different fabric patterns and would look real cute in an entry way or at the end of you bed!

17. Cart - this cart has so much potential! Bar Cart... Office Cart... you name it, I think it can handle it! I just think it's so versatile.

18. Kitchen Towels - OKAY, OKAY. If you're an avid follower, you know how passionate I am about kitchen towels. I can never find ones that are absorbent... but the Hearth & Hand towels never disappoint! So, I'm excited to pick these up!

19. Candle - Hearth & hand always has the best scents... maybe buy these in-store so you can do a smell test.

20. Vase - This vase comes in three different sizes but I love the color of them... perfect neutral and can work all year long!


Happy shopping, friends! I hope you are just as excited about this collection as I am! Can't wait to share what I bought with all of you!

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