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My Favorite Lighting Options For The Hall Bath + 20 Other (Great) Options

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


Lighting is always a big deal to me, I'm one of those people who loves to have layers of light and if I were to ever build a house, I'd likely spend the most time figuring out the lighting plan. I think lighting is so important but often overlooked. It's something people use every, single, day and it affects us more than we realize.

So, when it came to the hall bathroom, I was so happy that we had to take down the drywall (on the vanity wall), because that meant that I could change the lighting layout!

There are two types of light fixtures you can use in a bathroom; a single fixture over the mirror (centered on the sink) or sconces, one on each side of the mirror. I personally prefer sconces for bathrooms because they provide better lighting for things such as putting on makeup, washing your face, etc. and don't create harsh shadows on your face. I knew we would be able to use sconces in the hall bathroom because even though its a single sink vanity, it's pretty wide; and that extra width allowed us to put sconces on each side of the mirror without it looking too crowded.

Before I asked Nathan to wire for the sconces, I was looking at all lighting options - sconces and over mirror lights. Here are the options I considered, but as you know we ultimately decided on this one.

Alternate Bathroom Lighting Options:

shop the photo here:


Here are 20 other lighting options for bathrooms;

10 sconces and 10 over the mirror options

I'll leave you with a "designer tip" - When it comes to light bulbs... never buy them from Home Depot or big box stores. Go to a lighting showroom and purchase them - they will be more expensive, but they will have a lot of alternate options (shapes and sizes) & they will also have a lot of different color temperatures for you to choose from. Lighting showrooms also offer the best LED options, that should last for 30-40 years... and if it goes out, guess what? Bring it back to that showroom and I bet you they replace it for free.

Talk soon, friends!




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