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Life Lately + Tried & True Paint Colors


If you didn't know, I'm an Interior Designer by trade - went to the Art School, did the silly art projects, read the art history books (and wrote the art history papers) and now, I get to help people design their homes for a living - it's a pretty sweet gig & most days, I love every minute of it...

But, just like most people... the one thing I hate doing? Picking out paint colors. And even more so... I hate helping people pick out paint colors - yup, hate it. Most people find the task intimidating and get overwhelmed by the thought of it. I don't get overwhelmed, but I do get exhausted. Out of all my meetings with clients, the "paint selection meeting" is by the far the longest one... always.

Now, I'm not complaining about a long meeting (I sort of am) but I do have a list of tried and true paint colors that I always share with my clients - some people end up using them and some feel that they need to pick different ones (why?!) If you're one of those people who wants to take the say route - look no further - here are my go-to paint colors!

Tried & True Paint Colors

*all Benjamin Moore colors*


  1. Coventry Gray - my absolute favorite gray

  2. Stonington Gray - this is the color of the walls in our home

  3. Gray Owl - a very light gray with cool/green undertones

  4. Cape May Cobblestone - a medium tone gray with warm undertones

  5. Kendall Charcoal - a true dark gray


  1. White Dove - creamy white; perfect for trim

  2. Paper White - a white with cool/gray undertones

  3. Chantilly Lace - a bright white; almost a true white

  4. Swiss Coffee - off white with warm undertones

  5. Simply White - an off white; but still bright


  1. Ashley Gray - medium tone; very warm greige

  2. Willow Creek - greige with purple undertones

  3. Balboa Mist - pale taupe

  4. Nimbus - pale gray with warm undertones

  5. London Fog - true greige; can lean beige or gray depending on lighting

Bold Colors

  1. Crisp Romaine - the color of our bedroom walls

  2. Hale Navy - the most popular navy

  3. New Providence Blue - navy with teal undertones

  4. Wrought Iron - deep, dark gray; with blue undertones

  5. Knoxville Gray - deep teal with gray undertones

Interested in what colors we've used in our home? Head to the "Shop Our Home" tab and all the paint colors are listed under each room!

Talk soon,




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