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Life Lately + My Favorite Small Shops


If you know me personally, than you know that I love stumbling upon small boutiques and shops - there is always something so special about them and their items are so personal. So, today Danae and I are sharing some of our favorite small shops with you - make sure to head over to Danae's blog to read up on her favorites!

This week I put the final touches on the office plans and I am SO ready to reveal it... but it'll have to wait until next week, when the One Room Challenge begins! ...I know, such a tease! I'm pretty excited though, we have the opportunity to work with some amazing companies for this project and I just know that the final result is going to be amazing.... sometimes you just know, right? This is also our first time participating in it, which makes it both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Fingers crossed that everything works out and Nathan doesn't want to divorce me by the end of the 6 weeks (haha... just kidding)

Here are my FAVORITE small shops that

you NEED to check out!

+ Dirt Couture - this is my go-to Etsy shop for faux greenery. The faux eucalyptus stems that are in a lot of my photos are from this shop & those stems have been a top seller! (see photo below) A lot of you have purchased them from this exact shop! In all honesty though, the greenery this shop offers, looks very real and is high quality for the prices - if you're looking for good, inexpensive, faux greenery, check out this Etsy Shop!

*photo by @irvingtonmade*

+ Copper Lake Shop - I shared about this company when I did the "My Favorite Things Giveaway" & I'm happy to share them again! I love their hair accessories... not only because they are adorable and high quality, but because their prices are insanely affordable! Don't believe me? Check them out HERE!

+ The Lifestyled Home - I don't know Ashley personally, but she is one of my Instagram "acquaintances" & she makes the most gorgeous throw pillows and dog beds! YUP! Dog beds.... that is what keeps me interested in her shop (not going to lie) because I desperately want to purchase one for Boone! But for all you non-pet owners, you MUST check out her pillows - they're stunning.

+ The Printed Home - I've also shared about Melanie and her boss babe status before... she sells printed and digital art work and recently, she started selling the most darling t-shirts! I own two of her t-shirts and I just love the designs. I am also hoping to purchase some of her stunning art prints in the near future! But seriously... everyone needs one of her t-shirts! Get yours HERE!

+ Propertee - OBVIOUSLY, this wonderful little shop had to make it on my list. They will forever sell my favorite sweatshirt and I genuinely love the ideas behind their clothing designs. They also just started offering children's and baby clothing.... and it may be the cutest thing you've ever seen. If you've yet to hear about this company, go check them out!

Make sure you tune in next week as I will be revealing before & afters and design plans for the Office! I can't wait to share this project with you all!

Talk soon,




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