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Life Lately + Mother's Day Gift Guide


What's the saying? "April showers bring May flowers"? Well, it's officially May and I'm sick of the rain - bring on the flowers please! The month of May also brings us Mother's Day and while you may be the type of person who has a gift idea planned out way ahead of time... I am not. So, for the rest of the world, whom are just like me, here are some gift ideas that your Mom is sure to love! Head over to Danae's blog to see what her Mother's Day Gift Ideas are - I'm sure hers will be much different than mine... since she is a mom and all (wink wink).

As for "Life Lately", we are wrapping up our most recent project, the home office and I am very excited for it to be done. Sometimes I get really into a project and almost wish we had more to work on... and then other times, I get burnt out. This time, I am feeling very burnt out. If you haven't been following along with our Office renovation - get up to date with this blog post!

I'm hoping my "burnt out" mentality is just the weather (all this rain) and that this weekend's weather will help - it's supposed to be all sunshine! I'm hoping to make it out of the house with Nathan and Boone on Sunday too - Nathan has a softball tournament, so that only means one thing... Boone and I will be enjoying some fresh air and Boone will be getting ALL the love from ALL the random people (haha) - life of a bulldog owner, I tell ya!

Last week Danae and I shared a bunch of outdoor essentials and furniture - and ironically, this week, Nathan and I have been getting quotes for work to be done in our backyard. The outside of our house is seriously lacking attention... probably because I mainly focus on the inside (haha) - but we would love to have a nice outdoor space to hangout with one another, close friends & family. I will be sharing more details about our outdoor plans as soon as we nail down some final details!

Did you already forget about Mother's Day? Ya, me too - so hurry up and order a gift before you forget again! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas (shop the images below)

My FIVE Favorites:

+ Slip-On Sneakers: My mom is always looking for comfortable, easy to wear shoes - these are perfect!

+ Utility Jacket: My mom is also always cold and loves to wear layers - this light weight jacket would be great for her!

+ Garden Kneeler: My mom loves to garden but often get's sore easily; this padded kneeler is the perfect solution for gardening for long periods of time.

+ Plant Mister: I bought one of these a month ago and my mom actually asked me to buy her one! This plant mister is the perfect gift for those momma's who love their plants!

+ Crossbody Bag: My mom has the most difficult time finding a good, small (but large enough) bag for all her things. I think the size and material of this one is ideal!

Do you like to support small shops?

Here are some of my favorite products from small shops that would make great gifts this Mother's Day!

Proper Tee (by @chrislovesjulia) - Homebody Sweatshirt

Homesick Candles - State Scented Candle (perfect gift for the out of town Momma!)

The Printed Home - Momma Bird Vintage T-Shirt

Lela Day Design - Handcrafted Pillow Cover

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

- 2019 -

*Interested in a product? Click any photo for a direct link!*

Make sure you tune in every Friday to catch up on Life with Danae and I + whatever fun topic we're tackling that week!

Talk soon,




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