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Life Lately + My Closet Staples


I'm not going to lie, this past week was a rough one and I don't have a lot of happy things to update you on... my family suffered a loss this week, with the passing of my Grandfather. He was a fantastic, intelligent and caring man and we will be morning + celebrating his life in the coming week. I've been a little MIA on social media this week because of it, but I promise to make an appearance soon.

In lighter news, last weekend was the first softball tournament of the season for Nathan... yup, it has begun! This weekend he had another tournament and I was actually excited to go watch him play + bring Boone. Nathan's games are much more enjoyable for me since we've had Boone - Boone loves going to Nathan's tournaments because he loves seeing all the people (especially the little kids!) + Boone almost forces me to interact with other people.... when sometimes I just want to keep to myself.

This week's topic for Life Lately is "Closet Staples" - I am SO excited to share these with you because a lot of you have been requesting more fashion from me! So, ask and you shall receive! Plus, I am allllllll about functional, comfortable and versatile clothing pieces - those are MY JAM.

Levi Jeans: Last year I purchased my first pair of Levi's and I am hooked. They are new favorite brand of jeans - they fit like a glove and are so comfortable! Plus, they have SO MANY options.

Shoes: I have to lump all shoes into one category because I have 5 go-to shoes that I think everyone woman should have in their closet. I usually purchase my shoes from DSW or Target.

  1. Brown leather flats

  2. Red or patterned flats (like leopard!)

  3. Heeled mules

  4. Reliable and comfortable sneakers

  5. Simple sandals

Tank Tops: This is a huge staple in my closet - I wear a tank top under all my cardigans and then alone in the Summer. This fitted tank from Old Navy are one of my favorites - they are thin, breathable and perfect for tucking into high waisted jeans.

Cardigans: I live in Chicago, so my Winter wardrobe gets way more use than my Summer wardrobe. Cardigans are a staple for me because they are so versatile. I can easily throw them on in the winter to complete an outfit but I can also use them to transition into Spring. Old Navy has some of my favorite ones!

Light Weight Jacket: As I said, I basically live in my Winter coat most of the year... but once it starts getting warmer, I need a good transition jacket. Moto jackets - like this one - are perfect for the "in between weather" we get in Chicago and even for those colder summer nights!

Jumpsuits & Rompers: These are my go-to for events like wedding or baby showers and in the Summer, on the weekends, I like to throw on a one piece (like a romper) and walk out the door. Any outfit that requires less thought/less pieces is a huge win in my book! I always love the options that Target or Old Navy offer for jumpsuits.

Since my life update is a little heavy this week - you should definitely head over to Danae's blog and hear all about her life update (hint: she has an updated on her moving journey!) + see what her closet staples are. She has a bit of a different take on her staples because she's a (awesome) momma and I think her wardrobe is better (read: more comfortable) because of it - haha!

Talk soon,




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