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Life Lately + Area Rugs Under $250


One of the number one things I hear as a designer, is "I don't want to spend a lot of money on a rug because my kids or pets will destroy it". So, today Danae and I are sharing round ups of (large) areas rugs that are under $250.00 - make sure to head over to Danae's blog to see what rugs she shared!

As for "Life Lately", we are in the middle of renovating our office space (as I'm sure you know) and if you don't know - feel free to catch up by reading this blog post!

While I love being in the middle of projects, the one thing that drives me nuts is the mess they create. My house is A MESS. And it's pointless to clean because it immediately gets dirty again in two minutes. After we completed the fireplace project, we hired a company to come and do a deep clean... and I feel like I want to do that again once the office is complete. The dust is just too much - do you feel me?!

Danae @thehomebodyhouse recently moved into a new home shared about booking a clean service through Amazon Home Services... I didn't even know this was a thing, but of course it is, Amazon does everything - so I will definitely be looking into that!!

Below I've rounded up nine area rugs & I think there is a rug for every style! Some of these are on major sale - so if you're in the market for a new rug - this is the time to buy! Plus, I've taken a lot of the hardwork out of it - all you need to do is click, add to cart, purchase & wait patiently for it to arrive at your door step - or impatiently if you're anything like me!

Here Are [9] Area Rugs

Under $250

*Interested in a rug? Click any photo for a direct link!*

Make sure you tune in every Friday to catch up on Life with Danae and I + whatever fun topic we're tackling that week!

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