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Life Lately + Affordable Throw Pillows


We've made it to Friday and I must say... this week flew by - which is always a good thing, no complaints over here that we fast tracked it to the weekend! But don't forget, Mother's Day is this weekend and if you're like me (and still haven't purchased a gift) then check out my last "Life Lately" post for some gift ideas! (check it out here)

Speaking of Mother's Day, this Saturday, my Mom and sister are coming over to my house to help me plant some flowers and such in our front lawn beds... this is, no joke, what my Mom wanted to do for Mother's Day - and I had no protest! You want to come to my house and help me plant plants... on your day? Sounds good to me! In all honesty though, I am truly excited to get to spend the day with my Mom and sister... those are my favorite type of weekends. When too many weekends pass without seeing my family, I feel like it really affects me - is anyone else like that?

If you're new around here, let me explain that every Friday, @thehomebodyhouse and I touch on a new topic! It can be anything from fashion, to home decor, to seasonal items! We call it "Life Lately" and this week, we're diving into affordable (and adorable) throw pillows! Make sure you head over to Danae's blog to see what her affordable pillows are - I mean... everyone has a throw pillow addiction, just not everyone can admit it (haha).

Do you like to support small shops?

Here are some of my favorite small shops that make the most beautiful pillows!

Affordable (and adorable) Throw Pillows

*Interested in a pillow? Click any photo for a direct link!*

Make sure you tune in every Friday to catch up on Life with Danae and I + whatever fun topic we're tackling that week!

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