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For The Plant Lover... Who Can't Keep Plants Alive - 40+ Faux Plants

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


Trust me... I get it. It has taken me a long time and lots of dying plants... (RIP) to figure out how to keep *certain* plants alive - I still struggle with some and feel helpless as I watch them die a slow death in my home (haha).

So, this post is for everyone who wants that pop of green in their home, but without the maintenance (and anxiety) of keeping those plant babies alive! I've rounded up over forty faux plants - and stems - that you can add to your home right now!

collage of faux plants - indoor faux plant collage

I will say, I hate when you can tell a plant is fake... there's nothing worse than those bright, neon-green faux leaves that just give it away - instantly. So, I've done my best to round up faux greenery that I think looks super real - it may come with a higher price tag, but I think it's worth one will ever know that you have a black thumb when they see these in your home - promise!


Faux Stems + Florals

Any of these would be perfect for displaying in a vase; on your dining table or kitchen island


Small to Medium Faux Plants

Most of these come in a pot (which is awesome!)


Large Faux Plants + Trees

For everyone who wants that Fiddle Leaf or Olive Tree... but can't even begin to attempt keeping one alive


I've also linked all these faux plants in my Account!

You can click the photos below to shop the post & follow me in the App!

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3 photos of faux plants with text to the left - 40+ faux plants Our Well Designed Life
Three Faux Plant Photos with text to the left - "40 faux plants for the plant lovers who can't keep plants alive. Green background - Our Well Designed Life

Talk soon, friends!



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