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Dark Exteriors I'm (still) Loving


Were you here last summer when we painted our house black? Well, we are still SO happy that we decided to go for it and go dark & bold. When we first started talking about painting the house, I definitely thought about going dark, but thought there was NO way Nathan would be on board... well, to my surprise, he was all for it. Once I started showing him photos of black homes on Instagram, he was sold! (and pretty sure he started painting the next day - hah!)

If you're a new follower/reader, you can read all about how we tackled that project in this post; or check out the highlight that's saved on my Instagram account.

Dark exteriors are definitely trending right now, that's no secret... and while I don't always love all the trends that circulate through the design world, I have to say, I am loving this one. Give me all the moody, bold vibes!

I've rounded up a few of my favorite dark exteriors in this post and linked all of them to their accounts - where most of them share the paint color and trim color! If you like dark, moody houses as much as I do, you'll want to scroll down!


I stumbled upon this Instagram account last year and I'm so happy I did! They build stunning homes, inside and out! If moody exteriors and neutral interiors are your jam... I highly suggest giving them a follow!

Hatcliff Construction built this absolutely stunning, Nantucket home with black cedar siding - and I'm drooling. I love when modern meets traditional and it just works!

Anissa's entire Instagram account is beautiful... she has such a classic style and you can see it mirrored in the exterior of this house! Her, and her family, have since moved out of this gorgeous dark cottage... but I'm sure it sold immediately - because, look how darling it is!!

How adorable is this house?! Best part? You can plan a vacation here - it's an Airbnb - and a Super Host to boot!

Drew and Rachel are a super-duo! Drew is a GC and Rachel is a designer and they are building gorgeous homes in North Carolina. This dark exterior that they built together has me swooning!

Another custom home builder... and their exterior's are just as gorgeous as their interiors. I suggest you take a moment to look at their account and daydream about owning one of their homes some day!

I hope you take a moment to check out each of these accounts and follow along with their journey (if you feel inclined to!)

Talk soon, friends!


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