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Bathroom Reno Mood Board


Current living situation: 1 bathroom, 2 humans. I have to say... I'm not a fan of having only one bathroom, and without sounding pretentious - I'm not entirely sure how people live like that. It probably doesn't help that the hall bathroom is the bathroom that I get ready in on a daily basis, so I'm feeling a little bit displaced right now. It'll all be worth it though, right? I think so, especially after putting together these design boards - eek!

In Friday's Small Talk post, I mentioned that once the bathroom was completely demoed, I finally started laying out my ideas. Sometimes I find it easier to visualize the possibilities of a space once all the "old" is removed. So, once Nathan finished the demo, I went to {design} work and sent him these two idea boards... I swear Nathan is my toughest client - I'm always nervous to send him my idea boards in fear that he will completely hate it and our marriage will be doomed... kidding (slightly).

Like something you see? Scroll through the items below!

He {of course} had some suggestions and questions... but sometimes that's my favorite part. I really enjoy that we can sit on the couch, late at night, and bounce ideas off of one another. I love that he brings something to the table and is always challenging me to think differently or forcing me to explain why I want to do something a certain way.

I'm not going to tell you which elements or ideas we pulled from each board... I want to leave al little mystery to the finished design and probably ask for your opinions on certain elements along the way. It's more fun like that, don't you think? To give you some idea though, the overall look is going to be black, white and wood... with a touch of green, maybe. You'll have to wait and see.


When I shared about having our plumbing redone and mentioned we were going to be using black plumbing fixtures, I received a question from a follower asking how I start designing a space.

"Do you start small, like picking black plumbing fixtures and then build from there? Or do you have a whole mock up of what you want everything to

look like before starting?"

My answer was, "Yes! I like to start small or have one "for sure" element in the space. For example, with the bathroom, I knew that Nathan was going to build a wood countertop & that we would have a vessel sink - those elements were set in stone. We also knew that we wanted to reuse the left over tile we had from our fireplace project, which is black. I've always been drawn to black plumbing fixtures, so using that finish was kind of a no brainer for me. So, right from the start, I knew the bathroom would have white, black and wood in it - so I started building ideas around that."

I should also add, by deciding on a few small elements in the beginning of a project, it can really help you nail down other design decisions later on. You're forced to match or coordinate with what you've previously decided on or ordered... and in my mind, this makes things much easier and narrows down options without you even realizing. People tend to get overwhelmed with too many options... too many options is never a good thing, trust me.

This week, Nathan plans on hanging the drywall that we are replacing and possibly hanging shiplap... we'll see how the week goes. At some point Nathan's brother is going to come and help Nathan with the tile work, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen this weekend - so make sure to follow along on Instagram for daily updates!

Bathroom Idea Board Sources

Talk soon,




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