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4 Stunning Décor Accounts With Less Than 1K Followers!


In February I shared four home décor accounts on Instagram that had less than one thousand followers... I shared them because I couldn't believe their following was so small - the content they were creating and sharing was worthy of so much more!

The post was so well received and I was asked by many of you to continue to highlight smaller accounts... I (gladly) promised to make it a bi-monthly post! So, this month I am sharing four more accounts with you & if it's even possible... these are even more inspiring than the last!

And if you're new around here... you should know that this topic is pretty near and dear to me - because everyone has to start somewhere & putting yourself out there, especially on social media, for everyone to see and judge is a scary thing! (trust me... I struggled with it for awhile). I commend anyone who decides to try their luck at this whole "Instagram", "influencer" thing... it's tough & sometimes discouraging!

These accounts that I'm sharing give me so much inspiration and I look forward to following along with their projects. I am always SO thankful when people share my account or a project we have completed, it's helped me grow my account to where it is today & there is no greater compliment... so I am happily sharing these accounts with you today! They all have great visions, killer style and work just as hard as the large accounts with thousands or millions of followers!


@shesflippingit - North Carolina - current following: 766

If you end up following any of these accounts - follow Rachel! I am completely puzzled on how her account has not grown more! She is an AMAZING DIYer - tackling so many huge projects head on #girlpiwer She shares so many behind the scenes in her stories... they recently replaced the entire ceiling & insulation in her kitchen/main area & now she just replaced a giant picture window and is working on finishing the siding... need I say more? I can’t help but follow along!

@this_happy_haus - current following: 150

I just love the color scheme of this account - Bithiah has such a bright & airy home! They are a newer account but I can’t wait to see where they go (& watch them grow!)

@tocalla.home - Ontario, Canada - 782 followers

If you like light, bright & neutral, this is the account for you! I have been following them for about a year and I’m always drawn to their content! They also use shiplap a lot... which is something Nathan and I incorporate into almost every project (so maybe that’s why I love them so much - haha)

@thekeefehome - Indiana - current following: 761

Sam’s account is earthy & wonderful! Want plant inspiration?...shes your girl! She shares a lot about plants & some care tips! Plus, she just announced they have a baby on the way & I’m so excited for them! Her content speaks for itself... because personally I could scroll her account all day long!

Talk soon, friends!




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