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4 Beautiful Home Décor Instagram Accounts With Less Than 1K Followers!


If you follow along on Instagram, then you already know that I frequently share other Instagram accounts that inspire me, have a similar style as me or are simply a close (online) friend of mine! I enjoy sharing because I have been on the other side of it and there is truly nothing more humbling than someone sharing your work with others and encouraging them to follow along with you or appreciate it as they do. I am always so thankful when people share my account or even just a project we have done, it's helped me grow my account to where it is today & there is no greater compliment.

I tend to scroll on Instagram a lot (doesn't everyone?) or browse the "explore" page and the crazy thing I've found... there are a lot of smaller accounts that are stunning, work on amazing projects and spew inspiration! The people behind those accounts are no different than the BIG Instagram accounts - they have great visions, killer style and work just as hard! The difference? They all have under one thousand followers.


@housewithhome - Indiana - current following: 786

I absolutely love following along with Katie! I was shocked to see her follow count, mainly because she shares such great content and information on her stories! I tune into her account almost daily and you'd be shocked to know that most of the built-ins and cabinetry in her home (kitchen included) is all from Ikea! Her home is so light and bright.

@kensingtonabode - Montreal - current following: 1,083

I know... this account has more than 1k - but Diane just recently hit that number and I couldn't be happier for her. I have been following along with Diane since I started my account and I love her style so much. I have watched her tackle full room renovations (by herself!) - her kitchen is to die for, her Powder Room gallery wall is amazing and she also is a bulldog mama! I don't know why she doesn't have 10k+ followers by now, so go check her out!

@simplifyinghome - Colorado - 847 followers

Christine's home is so unique, literally every inch is so personal to her taste & I love that so much. She isn't afraid to think out of the box and to top it off, she's such a genuine person! I've also been following along with her for quite awhile and always enjoy seeing her content. There are some great before & afters on her feed, she has renovated a lot of her home.

@littleyellowhaus - Indiana - current following: 618

Shannon's little yellow house is THE CUTEST. She gives off all the boho vibes and she's slowly adding her aesthetic to her new home through décor and by taking on bigger projects.

Talk soon, friends!




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