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2019 Project Goals


And just like that... it's the last week of January - how did that happen?! Someone please tell me, because I think I slept through January; it went by way too quickly!

With February right around the corner, Nathan and I have been planning our first project of this year (YAY!) And if you follow along on Instagram, you already know what that project is. But before I share that with you all in a blog post, I wanted to share our home "goals" for this year.

I'm actually writing this without consulting Nathan... but I think (hope) he will agree that these are definitely on our radar this year. I also want to mention that I have zero confidence that we will tackle all these projects this year.... but you never know, last year we finished way more projects that I remembered!

Here it is, in all it's glory... the 2019 project list!

Front Room

Our home is divided by one central wall - in the front is a large/long front room and the back is the kitchen and dining area. While we love the size of the front room area, it's always been a little awkward because it's technically two spaces and it's difficult to separate them. One area is our TV/Family Room area and the other part is just a "sitting area". It's where we keep all our liquor and barware - almost like an formal dining space but without the formal dining table.

The furniture that we currently have up against that wall is short and doesn't fill the length of the wall - it's functional and gives us lots of storage - but I always felt like that wall had so much more potential. So, this year our goal is to add built-ins, with floating shelves and an electric fireplace to that wall! This may or may not be the first project we tackle this year.... stay tuned.


Our home lacks curb appeal... it lacked curb appeal when we purchased it and we haven't really done much about it; except rip out old plants and remove two HUGE trees.... which means we are now broke (just kidding! but the cost to remove trees is no joke!) and now we have empty plant beds in front of our house. This Spring I would love to up our curb appeal with some landscaping! We also have large tree in our front yard with a branch that is calling for a swing!! … we may add a cute little swing there!

The Office

I always refer to our "office" as a "sad little room".... I would love to not refer to it like that anymore. I've talked to Nathan about this room endlessly.... and he agrees, something needs to be done. For some reason though, the design of this space is really stumping me, but I'm hoping that we can guest participate in the One Room Challenge this Spring and really transform this space into something we both love.

Window Treatments

This is a hot topic - some people NEED to have window treatments installed as soon as they move into a new home... where as others... they don't ever need window treatments installed. Which person are you?

Either way, the only window treatments we have in our home are in our bathrooms.... because well, our bathrooms have windows and I felt that it was necessary to cover those when we first moved in (privacy, duh.) BUT THAT'S IT. We don't have window treatments on any other windows. We have lived in our home for over a year - it'll be two this June - and I would like to finally add window treatments, at the very least in OUR bedroom.


I touched base on this in the very beginning of this year. Nathan originally wanted to tackle the garage project first this year but then we (he) changed his mind. Nathan say's he wants to wait until most of our interior house projects are finished and then we can make the garage look pretty (haha)

He doesn't want to mess up any new stuff in the garage by working on projects... which usually require lots of staining or painting... and can get messy. So, with that being said, I'm not sure if this will get done this year - or maybe it'll be the last one of 2019?

Back Yard

Ohhhh…. our backyard. This has been something that we have wanted to complete since we moved in - problem is? It's COSTLY. We need a new patio, a firepit area, landscaping/plants and probably some new patio furniture. The patio alone will cost us quite a bit.... so it's something that we need to save up for and we're not sure it's making the cut this Spring. This is not something that Nathan is interested in DIY-ing... it's a ton of work and in all honesty, landscaping is the one thing that Nathan hates doing. He will mostly take on any other project I throw at him, but not landscaping. We would LOVE it to be done this year, to be able to sit out there and actually enjoy the scenery... but I'm not confidant - maybe 2020?

Six projects.... twelve months.... totally doable, right?! Like I said, these are the goals for this year. Wish us luck!



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