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The Year of Organizing & My Favorite Products


I think its safe to say that 2020 has been the year of organizing... everyone was quarantined in their houses for at least three months - and lets be honest, some people are still quarantining! And when you're stuck in your house, you really start to see how unorganized you are... am I right??

I definitely jumped on the organization train and decluttered a few spaces... and let me tell you--I have zero regrets! Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than having a "place" for everything! Plus, it makes cleaning up a breeze because you know where everything goes... and you don't just move that pile of random stuff from one room to another room (you know you've done it).

Since the beginning of this year, I've organized 3 closets, 2 sink cabinets, reworked our kitchen countertops a bit and cleaned out our guest room closet--it may not seem like a lot, but it was! I found some amazing products in the process that I think are 100% worth purchasing! (Plus a few others that I plan on purchasing in the future).


And these are my favorites to use in specific areas

Under Sink Cabinets:

- Drawer Pullouts: These are great for storing extra sponges and extra washcloths or microfiber cloths

- Clear Plastic Bins: These are perfect for keeping all those cleaning bottles neatly in a row

- Lidded Bin: I like to use these for dishwasher pods, etc. Sometimes they can have a scent and this helps keep them contained

- Caddy: I like to use these to hold my go-to cleaning supplies... this way, I can just grab the caddy and go!

Linen Closets:

- Clear Plastic Bins: I use these to hold larger soap refills, extra air fresheners, etc. It makes it easy to just pull out the bin and grab what you need instead of moving multiple things to get to one thing.

- Wicker Baskets: I like to use these to hold hand towels or wash cloths. It makes it easy to toss them in a basket and not worry about folding them neatly.

- Small Rope Baskets: It depends on what you keep in your linen closet, but we have one in our bathroom and I like to keep small hair accessories in a soft basket.

- Lazy Susan: This is a game changer for small items like makeup, hair products, etc. I love having the ability to turn it and see everything right there!

- Frosted Stackable Bins: I use these for medicine! I labeled each bin and organized it by medicine type. it makes it very easy to find what you're looking for.

Kitchen Countertops:

- Stackable Bamboo Bins: I recently bought these and love having them on our countertop! I use them to hold fruit and it also acts as our coffee station (for me)!

- Utensil Holder: Everyone needs a simple white utensil holder on their countertop... it really beats having a drawer full of utensils that you can never find.

- Salt & Pepper Grinders: Everyone also needs a good-looking salt and pepper grinder set! This one is so cute!

- Oil & Vinegar Set: I recently bought this oil and vinegar set and I just love how it looks on our countertop. We use it daily too!

Refrigerators: (most of these are on my wish list)

- Egg Bin: We make a batch of hard boiled eggs every week... and this would be such a game changer for us! One day I will buy this... haha

- Clear Drawer Bins: These are great for storing small fruits or vegetables... and still being able to see them! Thats the key to anything you put in your refrigerator right? If you can't see it, it'll go bad (haha!) Plus you can stack these and easily pull them out without having to remove the top bin.

- Wine Bottle Holder: I still can't believe we don't have these... we are a big wine drinking household and I would love to have these to store white wine in the refrigerator without the bottle taking up too much room.

- Produce Bins: I also buy fresh lettuce every week and use it throughout the week to make salads for lunch. I would love to have a designated produce bin for this so it stays longer!

Office Closets:

- Large & Medium Lidded Boxes: These store so much stuff! My favorite use for them is to store our reusable bags and totes!

- Paper Holder: If you're a list maker like me, you always need paper close by. These are perfect for holding pads of paper or loose leaf!

- Small Drawer (2 Pack): I keep pens, stamps, markers, our checkbook, etc in these! They are great for holding so many things!

- Metal File Bins: I LOVE these. When we renovated our office, I told myself we had to better about organizing our bills, important documents, etc. these help so much.

- White Rope Baskets: These are great for holding our small electronics and chargers.

- Oversized Wicker Baskets: These hold extra blankets for us.... and extra home decor for me (haha!).

Bathroom Drawers/Cabinets:

- Drawer Dividers: Best purchase I've ever made.... hands down! These organized all my skin products, hair ties, bobby pins, cotton balls, etc. I use them every single day!

- Lazy Susan: This was also an amazing purchase! I have soooo many hair products in this & also some makeup like lipsticks, etc.

- Caddy: Like I said before, I have one of these in our hall bathroom too, so I can easily clean the bathroom! Honestly, it makes a difference when all the cleaning supplies are in the space you're cleaning... and you don't have to lug them all from under the kitchen sink.

- Clear Stackable Bins: We have a linen closet in our bathroom and I use these for medicine - as I stated before!

- Hair Tools Organizer: This is also a game changer! I finally have a place for my hair straightener and blow dryer! I also put my hair brush in there and I love having a designated spot for all of it.

- Rope Basket: I use this for all my hair bandanas and my face wash headbands - I also use one for all my washcloths... I use a fresh/clean washcloth every time I wash my face, so I keep a basket full in our bathroom closet.

What area of your home are you going to tackle & organize next?

Talk soon friends,


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