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Small Talk: Decisions, Decisions...


There has been a lot of decision making this past week... I know I haven't shared that much on Instagram, but I honestly struggle with getting on camera while Nathan and I are figuring out measurements or heavily debating what tile we each want use (opinionated husband problems). I'll try to be better about sharing because I love when people share the process, so I should share our process, right?! Right. If you missed Tuesday's blog post, I shared two mood boards that I created for this space... and we're kind of pulling ideas from both boards.

Since last Friday, the bathroom got new drywall and that's about it. We made the decision to hire someone to hang the drywall for us, as Nathan really doesn't like doing it. We did the same thing when we renovated our Mud Room; we have someone come in, cut and hang the drywall, apply one coat of tape and mud and that's it! Nathan than does all the sanding (and more mudding and more sanding). So, yesterday and last night, Nathan finished the mudding and sanding but he also hung the vertical shiplap - because... tile is starting today!!

Yep! You read that right! Tile is going in today and I'm pretty freaking excited. I originally shared that Nathan and his brother would going to tackle the tile, but his brother was unable to come and help so we made the decision to hire the same tile contractor that we've used on all our past projects. So... this project is quickly going from a full on DIY project to a semi-DIY project (just kidding!) - but in all seriousness, as unhappy as I am about paying someone to do the tile work... I'm glad it will be done in 2 days. If Nathan and his brother did the tile work, it would have taken twice as long and my house would have been in disarray for even longer. Plus, Nathan is going to be out of town next weekend... so, we need to get as much done in the next week as possible!

Have you counted how many times I said "we made the decision"?! … And we're nowhere near done with decisions! We ordered the mirror, which should arrive on Monday... so, knowing the measurements of that piece helped us decide on the sconces we're using - (yep! I'm going to be ordering those today!) Since we decided on the mirror and sconces, Thursday night we were able to measure everything out. We measured the height and width of the vanity, the height of the faucet, the height of the sconces, and space between the sconces... lots of measurements! But, I think everything is going to fit just perfectly & it's really nice to see a light at the end of our dust covered home.

Thursday night we also went to Home Depot and bought the shiplap for the accent wall. I also grabbed two paint colors that I'm going to sample in the space... they're very similar colors, one is just a little lighter, but I always suggest getting a sample of 1-3 colors so you can put them up in your space. Each space is different when it comes to lighting - natural, fluorescent, LED, etc. and all those different lights cast different colors, which affect paint more than you know!

This past weekend we attended a game night with some of our closest friends and it felt SO GOOD to just enjoy our friend's company. I love getting together with friends for no particular reason... it seems like those type of nights are fewer and far between as we get older. Wouldn't you agree?

Updates & Fun Things from this week:

  • At our game night, we played Catch Phrase and it was so much fun... definitely adding this game to my Amazon Wish List. Not sure how I've never played it before!

  • Want a sneak peak of the tile pattern we are doing? Check this out - I've pinned it so many times, so when it came to decided on a pattern for the shower, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! (I am SO excited about this)

  • Recently saw that Livette's Wallpaper launched a new collection... maybe this is the year I add peel and stick wallpaper to a room in our house?

  • This picture is what inspired the paint color we want to use for the bathroom... loved seeing the black metal with it and warm tones.

  • How do you feel about the faux snake skin trend? I keep eyeing these shoes but haven't decided if I would feel cool or weird wearing snake skin shoes...

  • We are talking about adding a shelf like this to the bathroom... but not sure if it'll work for our space. Time will tell. Love how @ourdivinehome did it in their bathroom!

Hope you have a great weekend! Talk soon, friends.




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