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Life Lately + My Go-To Home Décor Stores


It's Friday and I don't know where the week went, seriously, I have no memory of the past 6 days... all a blur - but Danae (@thehomebodyhouse) and I are sharing another life lately post with you to kick off the weekend and this week we are sharing our favorite decor stores to shop at!

"Life Lately"

> If you haven't heard, our next project is our "Home Office" and I have been struggling to design the room this entire week. Nathan keeps asking, "how's the room design coming?" and I keep saying, "I'm not sure..." Ugh. Hoping that I can really dive into it this weekend and show you all a mood board for the room on Monday or Tuesday! See below for some of the inspiration I'm gravitating towards for the office!

Home Office Inspiration

> This week it FINALLY hit 60 degrees here and it was GLORIOUS! I know that's not really a life update... but it's been a cold, cold winter and warm weather is welcomed with open arms. I was able to wear these shoes I've been dying to wear all winter - one of my favorite Target purchases to date! I can't wait until it warms up for good and I can bust our all my cute Spring shoes!

> Organization is still strong on my mind... but I think it will have to wait until after we finish the Office space... but it will definitely be happening. Our closets need some serious help and I plan on sharing all the tips with you during the process.

My Go-To Home Décor Stores

Everyone has certain stores they gravitate towards... it's just human nature to have favorites. So, I've rounded up my FOUR FAVORITES. I've picked my favorite products from each store and explained what items I look for when I visit them...

Target // Wayfair

World Market // TJMaxx

> World Market: This store can be pricey if you buy certain items, but you can also find affordable pieces if you know what to shop for here! World Market is my go-to place for baskets, vases and kitchen linens! Almost all the baskets in my home are from World Market and every table runner I've ever purchased, I've found here! They also have unique pillows and right now they have some really fun outdoor pillows!

> Target: Obviously Target is on my list - duh. Surprisingly, I don't buy a ton of items from their home décor section. When I need throw blankets, light weight bedding, lamps or neutral vases - this is my place! I don't like buying furniture pieces from here or wall décor because I find it's over priced.

> TJMaxx: (online) This retailer has such a great selection of home goods online! You need to know what to look for though. When I'm browsing their website, I look for large Euro pillows (with removable covers), small end tables (always have them at a great price!) and rugs! They have some great 5x7 rugs options that are perfect for layering - most of the time they have Moroccan or Vintage-look rugs for a great price point!

> Wayfair: (online) At this point, you're probably wondering where I buy furniture pieces from... ding ding ding - Wayfair! I have purchased a handful of furniture pieces from Wayfair (yes, completely online) and I have not been disappointed yet! Our ENTIRE dining set is from Wayfair - table and chairs! Our bedroom dresser is also from here! I also like to buy rugs from here (our bedroom rug), as well as some random décor or faux plants! Mostly, I utilize Wayfair for larger ticket items.

If you haven't browsed those retailers in a while, check them out - you won't be disappointed! Don't want to search through all their items? Check out my favorites that I linked above!

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