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1 Room: Save or Splurge

Living Room by Studio McGee


Call them what you will... Dupes, Bargains, Look-a-Likes... either way, I can never resist a good deal! Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's worth it (and necessary) to buy the "real deal"... but most of the time, we can all settle for a similar look, that costs way less. Am I right??

Everyone knows Studio McGee is one of the leading design companies (and if you don't, please stop reading this and go check them out!) They seem to nail every type of design style perfectly and effortlessly... making everyone want their "look". So, today I'm breaking down a Studio McGee design and showing how you can achieve the look, for less!

Personally, I have pinned this image on Pinterest - SO. MANY. TIMES. Which is why I chose it for this post. It's such a bright, light and fun space that uses lots of different colors, patterns and textures. Even if you don't love the overall look of the room... maybe it's not your style, I'm sure you can find one item that you're drawn too or would work in your home.

Here's a side by side of all the major decor pieces in this space - my personal favorite are the side chairs - SO FUN! Think I could ever convince Nathan to be on board with chairs in a buffalo pattern? I've also been debating adding a cowhide rug to our space!

Here's where you can save...

...and if you feel like you want to spend some extra money, here's the links for those

...and here are some more images of this gorgeous room by

Talk soon,




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